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en rastlös sen april

(det är inte så långt hem)

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naruto 20 truths

drabble series: WK, Naruto, MaLoki

taglist: fanart | fandomness | fic | meme | music | poll
"burning is not answering", 'bri pwning everyone, (things half-said in parentheses), --starting sentences like this, ._. .-. ._., 0th iterations, 1789 and all that, 29 days in february, 3-segment structuring, 42's question, 5 lives never lived, 6-and-a-half ways of..., 7 for a secret, 8 being lucky, 9 p.m. meaning half-priced supermarket-food, alright starts, bob lennon, cafes in kichijouji, death liking kittens, emobot casshern, exist not exit signs, fangirling 'bri, ginko&adashino's non-existent childhood backstory, heimdall the revolutionary, internal security act, jocke's justified arrogance, kabuto's smilingsempai act, loki/uto-loki, mugen-fuu-jin: the platonic!ot3, nooooo not hachimaki!, opposites not attracting, pwnage by bread, qualifiers as defence, rather stubborn architectural styles, sverige och norden, tatami and sunlight, uto-loki the bassist, vi ska alla (en gång) dö, watching strange foreign movies, x-stands-for-xylophone-too, yamino&kabuto: awkward housemates, zero-sum solitaire, 「君と僕。」, 青春~